Monday (8.21.17)
  • A Hamas security man and a member of a rival Islamist terrorist group were killed on Thursday in a confrontation in the Gaza Strip near the Palestinian enclave's border with Egypt, security sources said. Security sources said the terrorist killed in the blast was a member of a Salafi group. Gaza's Salafis are proponents of global holy war endorsed by ISIS and al Qaeda.
  • Salah Abdeslam, a suspect in 2015 Islamist attacks on Paris who is currently jailed in France, will face trial in Belgium over a police shootout at his suspected hideout in Brussels, Belgian prosecutors said on Thursday. Abdeslam left Paris hours after his brother blew himself up outside a cafe in November as part of a Jihadist attack which killed 130 victims.
  • The US Department of State added Hizbul Mujahideen (HM) to its list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations on Wednesday. As with the official designation of HM’s emir, Syed Salahuddin, State highlighted the group’s activities in Kashmir while ignoring its connections to the bevy of Pakistani and regional jihadist groups, including those that fight against US forces in Afghanistan.
  • A U.S. service member was killed in eastern Afghanistan during an operation with Afghan forces against ISIS, the U.S. military said on Wednesday. It also said that other U.S. and Afghan forces were injured and medically evacuated.

Tuesday (8.22.17) 

  • At least one person was killed and another injured in Marseille on Monday when a van crashed into two bus shelters in different parts of the French city, police said, in an incident not being treated as terrorism at this stage.
  • Lebanon foiled a plot by a suicide bomber to blow up a plane bound for the United Arab Emirates from Australia earlier this month, Lebanon's interior minister said on Monday.
  • A combined force of Taliban and "self-proclaimed" ISIS terrorists killed at least 36 people in what may amount to war crimes during a raid on a northern Afghan town this month, the United Nations said on Sunday. The killings occurred during fighting between Aug. 3 and 5 after the terrorists attacked the town, which lies in Sar-e Pul province.
  • Spanish police searched on Sunday for the man behind the wheel in the Barcelona van attack that killed 13 people. Police said security operations were under way in Catalonia and on the French border as they searched Moroccan-born Younes Abouyaaqoub, 22, the only one of 12 suspects still at large who they believe may have crossed into France. On Monday, police said that he had also hijacked a car and killed its occupant during his escape.
  • Finnish police said on Saturday that an 18-year-old Moroccan man, arrested after a knife rampage that killed two people and wounded eight, was being treated as the country's first terrorism-related attack. The suspect had arrived in Finland last year, police said. They later arrested four other Moroccan men over possible links to him and had issued an international arrest warrant for a sixth Moroccan national.
  • At least one person was killed and several others were injured on Saturday in renewed clashes between Palestinian security forces and Sunni Islamists in Ain el-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, local sources said.
  • Australian police have charged three men with committing terrorist acts on suspicion of starting fires at a Shiite Muslim mosque in Melbourne last year, inspired by ISIS and intending to divide the Muslim community.
  • Seven to eight people were wounded in a knife attack in the Russian Siberian city of Surgut, local criminal investigators said on Saturday, adding that the attacker had been shot dead by police. ISIS said one of its fighters had carried out the attack.
  • A roadside bomb in northern Burkina Faso on Thursday killed three soldiers and wounded two, the military said. They did not say who was behind it, but Islamist terrorists groups are waging a sporadic campaign to destabilize the region.

Wednesday (8.23.17) 

  • A suicide bomber targeting Afghan policemen and soldiers collecting their pay killed at least seven people and wounded more than 40 on Wednesday, officials said. The suicide attacker with a car bomb struck in Lashkar Gah, capital of the southern province of Helmand, provincial police chief Abdul Ghafar Safai said.
  • Finnish police said on Wednesday they had arrested two more suspects in connection with last week's stabbing spree that killed two women and wounded eight other people. Police have previously detained the main suspect, a Moroccan asylum seeker, and three other Moroccan men in connection with the killings on Friday in the city of Turku. An international arrest warrant has been issued for a fifth.
  • At least 35 people were killed in air strikes that hit a hotel near a Houthi-controlled checkpoint north of the Yemeni capital Sanaa on Wednesday, a medic and a Houthi-run television station said, blaming the attack on Saudi-led coalition forces.
  • The United States suggested on Tuesday it could cut U.S. aid to Pakistan or downgrade Islamabad's status as a major non-NATO ally to pressure the South Asian nation to do more to help it with the war in Afghanistan. U.S. officials are frustrated by what they see as Pakistan's reluctance to act against groups such as the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani network that they believe exploit safe haven on Pakistani soil to launch attacks on neighboring Afghanistan.
  • The Taliban claimed it overran the district center and surrounding security outposts in the remote northern district of Khamab in Jawzjan province in Afghanistan. The district has gone back and forth between Taliban and government control over the past several years.

Thursday (8.24.17)

  • Swiss federal prosecutors have indicted a 30-year-old Swiss woman from the Zurich area suspected of trying to join up with jihadist terrorists in Syria, they said on Thursday. The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) said it had proof that the woman traveled illegally from Egypt to Greece, intending to go to Syria via Turkey to join ISIS.
  • A Spanish man was detained by Dutch police on Wednesday after he was found driving a van with gas canisters near a Rotterdam venue where a rock concert was canceled due to a threat of a possible attack. Dutch police detained a second suspect on Thursday. The tip resulted from an investigation by the Spanish Civil Guard that had been under way for some time and had no direct relation to the two vehicle attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils.
  • Two members of the Palestinian group Fatah were killed in clashes with Islamist groups in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon on Wednesday, medical sources said, bringing the number of dead to six in nearly a week of fighting. The two sides later agreed a ceasefire deal, Palestinian officials said, as a security force spread out to the areas of fighting.
  • At least 11 people were beheaded on Wednesday in an attack by Islamist terrorists on a checkpoint controlled by forces loyal to military commander Khalifa Haftar in central Libya, according to a spokesman for Haftar’s self-styled Libyan National Army. Nine soldiers and two civilians were among those “slaughtered” at the checkpoint, Colonel Ahmad al-Masmari said in a tweet, blaming ISIS.
  • Moroccan authorities have arrested two people suspected of links to the alleged perpetrators of the van attack that killed 13 people in the Spanish city of Barcelona, state TV channel 2M reported.

Friday (8.25.17) 

  • Indonesian terrorists planned to detonate a radioactive dirty bomb, security sources said, highlighting the rising ambitions of extremists to wreak destruction in the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation. The plot was foiled when police raided homes and arrested five suspects in Bandung, West Java, last week.
  • A suicide bomber detonated himself at the gate of a Shi’ite Muslim mosque in the Afghan capital as other attackers stormed the building, killing at least 14 people as worshippers gathered for Friday prayers, officials said. There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but ISIS terrorists have attacked minority Shi’ite targets in Afghanistan in the past.
  • Terrorists in Myanmar staged a coordinated attack on 30 police posts and an army base in Rakhine state on Friday, and at least 59 of the terrorists and 12 members of the security forces were killed, the army and government said. The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), a group previously known as Harakah al-Yaqin, which instigated the October attacks, claimed responsibility for the early morning offensive, and warned of more.
  • Two people were injured on Thursday in an explosion near government headquarters in the center of Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, on the Independence Day holiday, police said. Witnesses told the TV channel that the explosive device seemed to have been thrown from a passing car.