Tuesday (10.10.13

  • Swiss police have detained two Tunisians wanted in connection with a deadly knife attack at Marseille train station in France on Oct. 1, a source close to the investigation said on Tuesday. The knifeman, 29-year old Ahmed Hannachi, was shot dead by a French soldier after killing two young women outside the station in southern France.
  • Several hundred suspected ISIS terrorists surrendered last week to Kurdish authorities after the terrorist group lost its last stronghold in northern Iraq, a security official said on Tuesday. The suspects were part of a group of men who fled toward Kurdish-held lines when Iraqi forces captured ISIS’s base in Hawija, the Kurdish official said.
  • Two staff members of a Kenyan university were killed south of Mombasa on Tuesday when gunmen fired on vehicles carrying them and students to their campus, the area police chief said. Al Qaeda’s branch in Somalia, al Shabaab, frequently carry out attacks along the Kenyan coast and have been recruiting new members there.
  • Al Qaeda’s branch in Somalia, al Shabaab, attacked a checkpoint in Somalia’s semi-autonomous Puntland region, killing at least seven people in the early hours of Monday, police said. The fighters then ambushed officers rushing in to help colleagues on the outskirts of the city of Bosaso, an officer at the scene stated.
  • Five suspected al Qaeda terrorists were killed by a drone strike in Yemen’s Marib province early on Sunday, residents said. There was no immediate statement from the terrorist group or from U.S. forces who have repeatedly launched drone and air strikes against Yemen’s al Qaeda branch, known as Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).
  • Malaysia has arrested four foreigners and four Malaysians for suspected involvement in terrorist activities linked to Abu Sayyaf, ISIS, and Jemaah Islamiah, the police said on Saturday. Among the foreigners arrested were three Filipinos, one of whom is a permanent resident in Malaysia, and an Albanian.
  • Three men have been arrested since May of last year on charges of plotting attacks in New York City for ISIS in the summer of 2016, U.S. prosecutors said on Friday. The planned attacks, which were thwarted by law enforcement, included detonating explosives in Manhattan’s Times Square and in the city’s subway.
  • The U.S. military said on Friday that a fourth soldier was killed during an attack on Wednesday in Niger, raising the death toll from an incident that has thrown a spotlight on the U.S. counterterrorism mission in the West African nation. The United States had previously announced that three U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers had been killed and another two wounded when a joint U.S.-Nigerien patrol came under attack near the village of Tongo Tongo.
  • The bodies of 21 Egyptian Christians killed by ISIS in its former Libyan stronghold of Sirte have been recovered, the attorney general’s office said on Friday. The bodies were found in the same orange jumpsuits the victims were wearing when they were filmed being killed in the coastal city in February 2015. ISIS took control of Sirte in 2015 and lost the city late last year to local forces backed by U.S. air strikes.
  • A suicide bombing at a shrine in southwest Pakistan killed 18 people and wounded more than 30 on Thursday in the latest sectarian attack in Baluchistan province, authorities said. Minority Islamic groups in the province are routinely attacked by terrorists groups including ISIS.

Wednesday (10.11.17)

  • Three terrorists blew themselves up near the police headquarters in central Damascus on Wednesday, Syrian state media said, in the second such attack to hit the capital this month. The blasts killed one person and injured six others, state television said, citing the interior ministry.
  • The US military killed a local commander for al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and four of his fighters in an airstrike in central Yemen on Tuesday. The AQAP commander was identified as Mohammed Ammar al Adani. The strike is the latest in a series that have targeted the entirety of AQAP’s network in the war-torn country.
  • The State Department announced on Tuesday that it is offering millions of dollars as rewards for information concerning the whereabouts of two senior Hezbollah leaders. State is offering a $7 million bounty for Talal Hamiyah, the head of Hezbollah’s External Security Organization and $5 million for Fuad Shukr, “a longtime senior advisor on military affairs.”
  • The Taliban has released yet another propaganda video that shows its fighters parading openly in broad daylight in an Afghan military base after overrunning it in a nighttime assault. The Taliban occupied an overrun Afghan outpost for an extended period of time without fear of being targeted by Afghan or Coalition air or ground power.
  • Switzerland is sending a Tunisian couple who include the brother of a man presumed to have killed two people in a knife attack at a French train station back to their home country for security reasons, Swiss federal police said on Tuesday. The couple was arrested in the Swiss town of Chiasso near the Swiss-Italian border on Sunday night where they sought asylum.

 Thursday (10.12.17)

  • Sally Jones, a British jihadi who recruited online for ISIS, has been killed in Syria by a U.S. drone along with her 12-year-old son. A convert to Islam from southern England, Jones was nicknamed the “White Widow” by the British press after her jihadi husband Junaid Hussain, also an ISIS terrorist, was killed by a drone in 2015.
  • Pakistan “rescued” a Canadian man, his American wife and their three children from the Pakistani-backed Haqqani Network on Thursday. The couple were kidnapped in Afghanistan in 2012. U.S. intelligence on Wednesday told Pakistan that the hostages had been moved over the border into northwestern Pakistan, according to an army statement. It did not say when the rescue took place.
  • ISIS claimed responsibility on Wednesday for an attack on the police headquarters in central Damascus, the second such attack this month. A statement on an ISIS channel on the Telegram messaging service said three fighters carrying explosive belts and machine guns had attacked the police center.
  • A Turkish court has sentenced a journalist from the Wall Street Journal to two years and one month in prison in absentia on charges of carrying out propaganda for terrorists, the newspaper said on Tuesday. A German journalist also went on trial for terrorism charges in Turkey on Wednesday, saying she was innocent and demanding her immediate release. All of this comes after a U.S. consulate employee in Istanbul was arrested on charges of links to a cleric blamed for last year’s failed coup.

Friday (10.13.17)

  • A Pakistani court on Friday delayed the extradition hearing of a Pakistani-American man accused of plotting attacks in New York City for ISIS without fixing a new date, the man’s lawyer said. Talha Haroon, 19, was arrested in Pakistan in 2016 after U.S. authorities identified him as one of three men, along with a Canadian citizen and a man from the Philippines, planning attacks on Manhattan’s Times Square and the city’s subway.
  • Six Egyptian soldiers were killed on Friday when gunmen attacked a checkpoint in the Sinai Peninsula where Egypt is fighting an insurgency, an army statement said. Attacks targeting security forces have been common since Egypt’s Islamist president Mohamed Mursi was ousted in 2013 following mass protests against his rule.
  • ISIS terrorists killed at least 50 people in a triple car bomb attack on Thursday among a group of refugees in northeast Syria, a medical source in the Kurdish Red Crescent said. A large number of people were also injured by the three car bombs set off by the attackers, the source said.
  • Chad has withdrawn hundreds of troops from neighboring Niger, where they were helping local forces fight Boko Haram Islamist terrorists, humanitarian sources and officials said. The pull-out over the past two weeks could weaken a region-wide struggle against the terrorists who have killed tens of thousands of people, forced many more to flee and triggered a humanitarian crisis.
  • A lethal bomb generally associated with Iran and its proxies has reemerged in Iraq after a six year hiatus, killing an American soldier. The commander of Operation Inherent Resolve Land Component confirmed during his briefing that a steel EFP struck a US vehicle. The bombing occurred as the ISIS’s territorial control in Iraq wanes.