WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, Congressman Ted Poe (R-TX) issued the following statement on the House passage of H. Res 295, supporting local law enforcement agencies in their continued work to serve our communities, and supporting their use of body worn cameras to promote transparency to protect both citizens and officers. H. Res 295 was introduced by Congressman Al Green (D-TX) with Congressman Poe as the lead Republican sponsor. Prior to coming to Congress, Congressman Poe served as a criminal court Judge for 22 years in Houston, Texas.

“Every day, men and women in our local law enforcement put themselves in harm’s way to protect our neighborhoods and communities,” said Rep. Poe. “Often times, they find themselves in scary and unpredictable situations, that is why transparency is always important.  Body cameras will help to ensure both sides of the story are always told.  They work to support both our men and women in blue and our citizens. Body cameras will tighten the gap between he said, she said. As a former judge and prosecutor, I know how often disputes between the law and citizens arise. Body cameras serve as useful tools for law enforcement and the community alike. ”