The long arm of American justice has found the Pawn of Satan. The father of Al Qaeda, the leader of terrorists, has met his maker. Osama Bin Laden was the emblem of all of the evil and hatred that exists in the world.

The men and women of our Armed Forces and intelligence community are to be commended for their persistent dedication to finding and eliminating this monster from the earth.

This news brings some comfort to the families of the thousands of people who died in the attacks on September 11th and those who have died in the War on Terror.

Bin Ladens death is a decisive victory for America.

While we celebrate this momentous event, we must remember that there are more evil-doers in the world who want to continue his crusade of hate and murder. Hopefully those people have heard our message loud and clear today: If you attack America, justice will be done. Because justice is what we do in the USA. And thats just the way it is.