WASHINGTON, D.C.—Yesterday, Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) received the Georgian Presidential Medal of Honor. As a long time advocate for the continued relationship between the United States and Georgia, he is proud to have received this award.


“The Georgian people and their government share our Western values; as the world leader in freedom and democracy, it is in our national interest to see the same freedoms we enjoy spread to people throughout the world,” said Congressman Poe. The Republic of Georgia has known authoritarian rule for most of its young life. However, in their past 25 years of freedom, they have been continuously ranked as the freest country in the region. I am honored to stand resolutely with the Republic of Georgia and am pleased to accept this gracious award.”    


“The Medal of Honor is presented to the Honorable Ted Poe, U.S. House Representative, for the enhancement of strategic relations between the United States and Georgia as well as for his staunch support rendered to Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration, national interests, and sovereignty,” said David Abesadze, Senior Counselor of the Georgian Embassy.


Congressman Poe received the Presidential Medal of Honor last night at a dinner with the Georgian Embassy.