WASHINGTON, DC- Today, Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) reintroduced H.R. 3626, the Ensuring Affordable Energy Act of 2015. This legislation is in response to the Clean Power Plan announced by the President. The President’s plan attempts to bypass Congress once again, forcing states to implement the first ever caps on carbon emissions. This plan will drastically raise consumers’ costs for power. The Ensuring Affordable Energy Act of 2015 will prohibit funding to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be used to implement or enforce The Clean Power Plan (or similar program).

“During a time of political turmoil and unrest in the Middle East, President Obama declared that the greatest threat to future generations was climate change,” said Rep. Poe.  “That’s nonsense. The Clean Power Plan is just another regulation forcefully imposed on the American people and another attempt to circumvent Congress to push legacy-driven agendas.  Simply stated, the Clean Power Act is a tax on energy. The majority of Americans say they are not willing to pay more in taxes and utility costs to generate cleaner energy and fight global warming. The Ensuring Affordable Energy Act of 2015 combats the President’s unilateral executive overreach by prohibiting funds to be used by the EPA to enforce this frivolous plan. Raising the cost of energy for American families will damage the economy and destroy jobs in the energy industry—encouraging employers to take their business elsewhere.  Some analysts say the Clean Power Plan may be the most expensive regulation ever placed on the American people.”  

H.R. 3626, the Ensuring Affordable Energy Act:

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no funds appropriated or otherwise available for the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency may be used to implement or enforce:

  1. A cap-and-trade program for greenhouse gases.
  2. The Clean Power Plan that regulates carbon emissions (or similar program)