Poe Amendment strikes $650 million aid to Pakistan


WASHINGTON, D.C.óCongressman Ted Poe (TX-02) is proud to announce that his amendment to H.R. 5856, the FY13 Defense Appropriations bill, passed the House of Representatives with bipartisan, unanimous support. The Poe amendment strikes $650 million in funding to Pakistan included in the Defense Appropriations bill.

ìPakistan is the ëBenedict Arnoldí to America in the war on terror. They are disloyal, deceptive and a danger to the United States, ìsaid Poe. ìThis so-called ally continues to take billions in U.S. aid, while funding the militants who attack us. And weíve kept the money flowing. Itís time we turn off the tap. By continuing to provide aid to Pakistan, we are funding the enemy, endangering Americans and undermining our efforts in the region. We donít need to pay them to betray us; they are already doing it for free.î

Congressman Poe is a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.