Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) announced today that the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has approved $428,671,849 in federal disaster funding through a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for the State of Texas. This grant will aid in the continuing recovery and rebuilding efforts as a result of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

I applaud Secretary Jacksons efforts in Jefferson County, said Poe. This funding proves that the federal government is aware Hurricane Katrina wasnt the only devastating force last year. I would also like to thank the people of Jefferson County for persevering through the toughest of times. Rita was a devastating hurricane that impacted lives, homes, businesses and schools in my district. This funding will help those affected by the hurricane look to the future and have hope that their communities will one day resemble the ones that existed before the hurricane.

HUD is allocating the following CDBG assistance to four Gulf Coast states:

Texas $428,671,849
Alabama $21,225,574
Florida $100,066,518
Mississippi $423,671,849
TOTAL $973,000,000

According to HUD, funding allocations were determined by the following criteria:
  • HUD compiled data from FEMA and the Small Business Administration on the extent and concentration of housing damage in each State. HUD staff then discounted insurance payments and FEMA repair grants.
  • Each state was then invited to provide their data on remaining recovery needs not accounted for in HUD's data including the unmet needs of businesses, evacuees, and infrastructure.
  • In late July, HUD met with representatives from Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and Texas to discuss each state's unmet needs and priorities for recovery.
Congressman Poe hosted HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson this spring during his tour of the Hurricane damaged region. Congressman Poe hosted a roundtable meeting allowing local officials an opportunity to directly address Secretary Jackson on the importance of HUD funding for the short and long term recovery of Southeast Texas.

CDBG funds are allocated to the State of Texas and administered through their agencies. For more information about HUD and its programs, please visit their website at