Congressman Ted Poe issued the following statement in response to todays announcement of a new healthcare bill in the House of Representatives:

The second verse is the same as the first only longer. It is 1,990 pages and still costs $900 billion. Despite the claims of transparency and open doors, this bill was written in the dark caverns of the Capitol by a select few members of Congress and unveiled to the rest of us for the first time today. And, it is being said that we can expect to vote on this nearly 2000 page bill as early as next week.

The devilish details are just as scary as before, just a 1000 pages more of them. The so-called public option, thats really a public mandate, will penalize individuals and small business by taxing them into submission. And like before, its more of the same job-killing employer mandates, budget-busting entitlement expansions, and countless provisions that put bureaucrats between you and your doctor.

The American people want reform, not a government take-over of our healthcare system. I support a plan that encourages people to provide for themselves, rather than government taking care of people. Legislation that addresses the problems first rather than a one-size-government-fix-everything take over.

I support common sense reform that doesnt require additional money or bureaucracy to implement, such as:

  • eliminating fraud and waste in Medicare and Medicaid;
  • patients and small businesses should be allowed to unite to increase their purchasing power;
  • remove restrictions barring insurance sales across state lines;
  • provide incentives, rather than restrictions, on personal health savings plans to allow people the opportunity to provide for themselves;
  • closing all loopholes that allow costly coverage for those illegally in our country;
  • and provisions for pre-existing conditions and a safety-net for catastrophic illnesses and the working poor.