WASHINGTON, D.C.--Today, the House Committee on Ethics released a report on its investigation regarding allegations related to officially-connected travel to Azerbaijan and after its investigation, cleared Congressman Poe of any wrongdoing.  

Congressman Poe traveled to Azerbaijan from May 28, 2013 to May 30, 2013 on an officially-connected trip that was pre-approved by the House Committee on Ethics. Prior to the travel, the Turquoise Council of Americans and Eurasians (TCAE) claimed and disclosed to both our office and the House Committee on Ethics that it was the sole sponsor of the trip.  Upon his return, Congressman Poe again disclosed to the House Committee on Ethics information pertaining to the trip. However, one year after the trip, questions arose as to the source of funding and involvement of other entities. The Congressman’s office self-reported these allegations to the Committee on Ethics and cooperated in its subsequent investigation. The House Committee on Ethics has now concluded its investigation where it found the following:

  • “The Committee found no evidence that the Members and staff who participated in the trip knowingly violated any House Rule, law, regulation or other standard of conduct.”
  • “All of the Members and staff who went on the trips did so only after get Committee approval to accept the trips.”
  • “All Members and staff fully cooperated with the Committee’s review”
  • “The Committee is referring the matter of third parties apparently engagement in a criminal conspiracy to lie to Congress to the Department of Justice.”
  • “The Committee intends to take no further action regarding this matter and thus considers it closed.”