Today, Friday, June 6, 2014 marks the 70th Anniversary of the invasion of Normandy. Titled Operation Overlord, Americans refer to the massive invasion by its military term, D-Day. A day the world will forever remember, D-Day, as our boys laid claim to German beaches inch by bloody inch.

The conditions our boys battled that fateful day in June were absolutely dreadful. Exhausted, wounded and bewildered, our boys pushed forward, they never stopped. The D-Day mission to conquer the beaches though completed in spite of horrific obstacles and casualties paved the way to eventual victory.

The boys of D-Day came; they liberated; and some went home. Over 9,000 other GIs are buried at the top of cliffs of Normandy France. As we reflect on our soldiers on D-Day, we once again marvel at the lives of those we call the Greatest Generation of Americans.  Those who fought for a people they didn’t even know, in a land they had never even seen.

America will forever feel a tug at her heart as we remember D-Day, 70 years ago.