U.S. Congressman Ted Poe announced today that he obtained over $10 million in earmarks as part of H.R. 3, The Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users the six-year bill that provides $284 billion for the federal highway, transit and highway safety programs. This money will be used for projects to extend and widen roads and create streetscape improvements in Jefferson County.

Upgrading roads and making improvements to the streets of Beaumont are essential to the economic growth of the city and instrumental in improving quality of life for the residents, Congressman Poe said.

The funding was approved for use for the following projects:

Dowlen Road Extension
The city will receive assistance to extend Dowlen Road in Beaumont from U.S. 90 (College Street) to Walden Road to be comprised of a four-lane divided road with left turn lanes at intersections. Upon completion, this will provide an additional corridor between the north and south sides of the city and is expected to reduce congestion. It will also provide increased access to over 630 acres of commercial, industrial and residential properties.

Washington Boulevard Widening
Funding will widen Washington Boulevard in Beaumont from Langhan Road to FM 364 (Major Drive) to a four lane street with a continuous left turn lane. The project will provide an east/west corridor through the southeast and southwest areas of Beaumont from Spur 380 to FM 364 (Major Drive). The widening will result in a four-lane facility that will improve access to industrial and commercial areas on the east and west side of the city.

Willow Street Improvements
Improvements include the installation of brick-paved sidewalks, decorative lighting, new traffic signal poles, street and informational signing and the rehabilitation of the streets, curbs and gutters.

Orange County Access Road
Assistance will go toward development and construction of an access road connecting the I-10 access road to the Port of Beaumont owned property along the east bank of the Neches River in Orange County.

Congressman Poe worked with members of the Texas delegation to ensure that Beaumont received money for high priority projects including new roads, better bridges, and streetscape improvements. The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the bill by a vote of 417-9.