“This morning, President Obama announced that we have reached a “historic” nuclear deal with Iran. The only thing historic about this deal is how dangerous it is for the United States. This deal was driven more by the President’s legacy than what is best for our national security. Not only will this reckless deal make America less safe, it will also spark an arms race in the Middle East. Other nations in the region will understandably want the ability to defend themselves against a nuclear Iran.

The agreement reached with Iran abandons the Administration's previous promises. Instead of dismantling Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, Iran now receives an international stamp of approval to enrich uranium and continue its work towards zero breakout time in fifteen years. Instead of “anywhere, anytime” inspections, Iran will now get to decide if and when they allow access to IAEA inspectors. Iran will be able to delay inspectors for at least 24 days, plenty of time to conceal its activities to inspectors.

The economic sanctions and arms embargo were also abandoned– enabling Tehran with the cash and weapons to ramp up their terrorist activity throughout the world. The Iranians are hailing this deal as a victory – and they should. We have made Iran a threshold nuclear power and an even greater threat to the world than it was before.”


Congressman Poe is Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Terrorism, Non-proliferation & Trade.