WASHINGTON, D.C.óThis morning, Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) issued the following statement after the House Judiciary Committee hearing titled: ìEyes in the Sky: The Domestic Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems.î

ìThis morningís hearing on the topic of domestic drones demonstrated the growing bipartisan consensus that Congress needs to be proactive in its effort to protect the fourth amendment rights of the American people,î said Rep. Poe. ìCurrently, technology is moving faster than the law. Technology may change, but the Constitution does not. It is the responsibility of Congress to ensure that rapid developments in technology do not result in the infringement of the right to privacy guaranteed to Americansí in the Fourth Amendment.

Congressman Poe is the lead sponsor of the ìPreserving American Privacy Act,î which is currently awaiting markup in the House Judiciary Committee.