In November, the American people had a choice between President Obama’s failed policies and a new direction. When given that choice, they elected a historic conservative majority in both chambers of Congress. They rejected the failed big government policies that have put a burden on families and businesses across the country and increased our debt. President Obama missed the November memo. Instead, he delivered a divisive speech full of recycled lofty promises, which would be paid for how? By raising taxes and spending more. America can’t spend and tax its way into prosperity.

This State of the Union was an opportunity for the President to explain how he will work with America’s new Congress to better our country and end gridlock in Washington. He didn’t do that. Instead, he issued veto threats on bills that have not even been voted on. During the speech, President Obama even threatened to veto bills on issues that the American people support, like undoing his unconstitutional executive amnesty, increasing sanctions on our enemy, Iran (a state sponsor of terror), and repealing the unaffordable, disastrous nationalized healthcare system.  

This legacy-driven speech focused on touting cherry-picked numbers and failed to lay out realistic strategies for the real problems we face today, like how to defeat ISIS. Instead, the President declared that the “Shadow of Crisis” is over in America and the “State of the Union is strong.” We are not there yet, but Congress will do everything in its power to make this a reality.