Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) issued the following statement wishing Frank Woodruff Buckles a happy 110th birthday. Mr. Buckles is the last surviving American veteran from World War I:

Happy birthday to our last American Doughboy. Today, my friend Frank Buckles turns 110 years old. I wish him the happiest of days and offer the gift of my commitment to carry on his legacy and all those that served alongside him in the Great World War by continuing his fight to see a WWI memorial built on the national mall in Washington, DC. He is the last of a generation a national treasure. We owe him, and all the doughboys before him, this honor. I hope that Frank can see his wish become a reality.

Congressman Poe is the sponsor of the Frank Buckles World War I Memorial Act. The bill would refurbish and expand the local WWI Memorial on the National Mall for the soldiers of the District of Columbia. Poe has long championed Mr. Buckles efforts to see that the nearly five million American GIs that fought in the War to End All Wars had a place among the memorials that honor our nations heroes.

In honor of Mr. Buckles birthday, supporters have announced the documentary film, Pershings Last Patriot: The story of Frank Woodruff Buckles, Americas Last Veteran of World War I. For more information on this film and Mr. Buckles, please visit the website: