Humble, TX Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) released the following letter to be read at a public hearing at Klein Collins High School Wednesday, June 12, 2006. The meeting was to discuss the impact of the construction of the F-2 segment of the Grand Parkway, the 12 mile F-2 segment planned to be constructed between State Highway 249 and Interstate 45. This will greatly impact the Spring, Klein, and Champions communities that make up part of Congressman Poes 2nd Congressional District.

Letter from Congressman Ted Poe:

Because Congress is in session, I am in Washington, D.C. and unable to join you in person to voice my concerns about the Grand Parkway F2 segment and its impact on Spring residents.

I encourage TxDOT to seriously listen to the feedback of these residents. They have legitimate concerns about a parkway that has the potential to change their lives. Many residents in the area were born here and many reside on property that was occupied by their forefathers. Because of this, I think it is important to realize that F-2 involves more than buying out someones home-it involves taking pieces of family histories.

I am on the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure and understand that progress is a necessary component of any society. However, I think in certain cases, like this one, the negative impact on citizens cannot outweigh the benefit of that progress. Advances in the name of transportation should not be made without seriously considering the implications on those whose lives will be changed forever.

Transportation is important to the business community. However, the system cannot run over the homes and lives of affected residents. If my constituents cannot live with the placement of F-2 and its impact on their lives-than I cannot be in support of the proposed route. Small group and personal gain shouldnt be put ahead of the citizens of Spring.

Spring is a vital and thriving community and I am proud to represent its residents in Washington, D.C.

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