Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) spoke to the Baytown Kiwanis Thursday at their monthly meeting. Congressman Poe spoke to the full house about border security, off shore drilling, the elimination of the Death Tax and the War on Terror.

I believe that it is important for Members of Congress to witness events first hand, said Poe. I was one of two Members of Congress to be in Iraq on their first election day and had the opportunity to visit with our troops on the ground. They are confident in what they are doing and contrary to what you see in the mainstream media, we are winning the war.

Congressman Poe also took questions form the group which largely referred to border security and illegal immigration. Our government doesnt have the moral will to enforce our borders, said Poe. I have been to the Texas/Mexico border five times and spoken directly to the border sheriffs and residents there. We have a serious security issue there and lawlessness on our border breeds lawlessness in our country. Congressman Poe pointed to recent legislation passed by Congress to respond to the public outcry for immediate border enforcement and pledged to continue to be an outspoken advocate on this issue.

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