WASHINGTON, DC Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) responded today to the statement issued by Homeland Security Department Inspector General Richard Skinner in regards to the Ramos and Compean investigation. Inspector General Skinner stated that he stands by the actions of his staff and at no time did his office mislead Members of Congress in the investigation of former Border Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. This statement comes in response to news reports detailing testimony given by Inspector General Skinner before the Homeland Security House Appropriations Subcommittee where he testified under oath that four Members of Congress were misinformed by representatives from his office in a September 2006 meeting regarding the investigation.

Today, six months after a meeting with Members of Congress and the staff of the Office of Inspector General of Homeland Security about the Ramos and Compean investigation, Richard Skinner of OIG is now saying his staff did not lie to Members of Congress, but that his staff was just mistaken about the facts when it briefed Congress, said Poe. At no time was I told that the information given to me and three other Members of Congress was confidential, however Im sure the OIG staff wishes it had been since the staff misled us on what occurred at the border. To imply that the false information given to us was not intended for the public justifies lying to Members of Congress is flat out appalling. Mr. Skinner claims that at the time his office did not know that the information was false, but after learning that it was no attempt was made on their behalf to inform us until he was questioned about it under oath. His staff not only provided us with inaccurate information about the case, they said they had the documents to prove their assertions. After repeatedly asking for such documents, they were never produced. Why? Because they dont exist. OIG would do well to simply tell the truth and give accurate information, in public and private, rather than use slick Madison Avenue press releases to justify their misstatements.

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