Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) applauded the British intelligence community this morning for preventing a devastating terrorist attack on innocent people. Authorities foiled a plan to detonate bombs on airplanes from Britain bound for the United States.

Todays near tragedy should be an eye-opening reminder that the international community must continue to aggressively fight to end terrorism throughout the world, said Poe. The threat on the United States remains just as great today as it did prior to 9/11. I applaud the efforts of the British intelligence forces for their vigilant efforts in uncovering these deadly plots, however the fight to end terrorism is far from over. The United States continues to lay out the welcome mat to terrorists with our open border policy. The federal government must have the will to protect our nation and secure our borders. Terrorism will continue to rear its ugly head and Americans can not afford to let down our guard nor our borders.

Congressman Poe serves on the House International Relations Committee, Terrorism and Non Proliferation Subcommittee; House Transportation Committee, Aviation Subcommittee and the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus.