Congressman Poe: "The Army Corps of Engineers controls the release of water from the Addicks and Barker Dams. The decision to release water from these dams during Hurricane Harvey was made solely by the Corps. I was not notified prior to the release of water, and I completely understand the anger and frustration expressed by the affected communities, such as Bear Creek, who have experienced multiple flooding events over the past few years.  These multiple flooding events are completely unacceptable. The county and city determine how federal money will be disbursed for buyouts.  I will work with those government agencies on behalf of homeowners who want to pursue a buyout.

For decades, we’ve been responding to floods rather than trying to prevent them. All of the various government agencies and elected officials from all levels of government need to come together to design a long term plan to the issue of flooding and how to pay for it. To prevent this from happening again, some of the ideas that must be considered are: one or more reservoirs in the northwest area, dredging of Addicks and Barker, and improving existing infrastructure at our current facilities. 

From a congressional standpoint, I am working with my colleagues to provide additional funding to help our communities rebuild, to help dredge Addicks and Barker, and to make needed infrastructure improvements. The immediate need is disaster assistance, and Congress is about to send a $15 billion funding package to the President’s desk for this purpose. This is the first of several funding streams to restore our community."