“Congressman Poe traveled to Azerbaijan from May 28, 2013 to May 30, 2013 on an officially-connected trip that was disclosed to and pre-approved by the House Committee on Ethics. Upon his return, Congressman Poe again disclosed to the House Committee on Ethics information pertaining to the trip. One year after the trip, questions arose as to the source of funding and involvement of other entities. The Congressman’s office self-reported these allegations to the House Committee on Ethics and fully cooperated in its subsequent investigation.

The House Committee on Ethics concluded its investigation months ago and released its report, clearing Congressman Poe of any allegations.  

The Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE), a separate entity that can only investigate and refer matters to the House Committee on Ethics, opened its own independent review of the trip. Contrary to the Houston Chronicle’s claims, Congressman Poe did initially cooperate with the OCE by producing documents and providing answers to the OCE’s questions. However, when the Committee on Ethics requested that the OCE cease its review because it was conducting its own investigation, Congressman Poe informed the OCE that he would continue to only communicate and cooperate directly with the House Committee on Ethics, the official arbiter of these matters. He continued to fully cooperate, and the Committee subsequently cleared him.”