I firmly believe the best government is a limited government and this is especially true when it comes to health care. More government equals more problems.

I support a plan that relies on a few basic principles: patients have control over their health care decisions, not bureaucrats; coverage is affordable, accessible and portable, regardless of job change or loss; patients and small businesses are allowed to unite to increase their purchasing power; patients have access to the highest quality care available regardless of pre-existing conditions; and a safety-net for catastrophic illnesses that exceed coverage limits.

In addition, I support tax credits for health care expenses


not tax increases. There must be provisions for medical liability reform in order to reduce costs for both patients and doctors. The current proposal not only would require a tax increase to pay for it, but it will also tax health care benefits and fail to protect doctors from practicing costly defensive medicine. Reform must also include eliminating the estimated $65-200 billion in fraud and waste in the current Medicare and Medicaid programs is also essential.

I do not support a "one-size-fits-all" plan that would eliminate individual freedom of choice, force Americans into a government-run health care system and lead to rationing of services. I will NOT support a bill that gives decision-making power to a 25-year-old bureaucrat over a medical doctor. We cannot move to a system that doesnt allow our baby boomers and beyond care because some bureaucrat decides their quality of life factor doesnt meet "the standards."

The Administrations plan increases the cost of health care for everyone, forces millions of Americans to lose their current health care coverage and dramatically increases the deficit. It will cost over $1 trillion and create 53 new permanent bureaucracies over the next ten years


and thats just an estimate. When has the federal government ever spent LESS than expected? If you think its expensive now, wait until its free.

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