WASHINGTON- Today, Congressman Ted Poe (R-TX) and Congressman Gene Green (D-TX) introduced a bipartisan resolution, H.RES. 576, reaffirming the United States support for the country of Georgia.

“Over the past two and a half decades, Georgia has transformed itself into a regional model of democracy and liberty,” said Rep. Poe. “Time and again, Georgia has also proven itself to be a devoted and supportive ally of the United States. Our two nations have developed a strategic partnership built on a foundation of shared values. As the co-chair of the Congressional Georgia Caucus, I have advocated deeper ties between our countries for years – and there is no better way to cement those ties than through bilateral investment and trade.

In recent years, however, American companies have expressed increasing concern regarding the business environment in Georgia, pointing to bureaucratic obfuscation and alleging lingering corruption in some corners of the Georgian government. As a true friend of Georgia, it falls on my shoulder not only to praise Tbilisi’s progress but also to point out when more work needs to be done to prevent Georgia’s backsliding along its democratic trajectory. H. Res. 576 reaffirms our strong ties with the people and government of Georgia while also calling for a level playing field for American companies operating in the country. This will undoubtedly benefit both of our countries and strengthen our bilateral relationship for years to come.”

“Georgia’s growth in recent years has been impressive, thanks in part to its welcoming business climate for foreign investors,” said Rep. Green. “Breaking commitments to American companies in Georgia would undermine the U.S.-Georgia relationship that both parties have worked to develop. My hope is that Georgia will see fit to honor the rule of law with respect to Frontera Resources, and that the U.S.-Georgia relationship will remain strong and be mutually beneficial for both countries.”