Congressman Poe: “I fully support an investigation into the Trump Administration's alleged ties to Russia. Congress has a duty to conduct full oversight of the Executive Branch, no matter who is in power. That is why I was supportive of Chairman Goodlatte and Chairman Chaffetz’s recent letter to Attorney General Sessions calling for an investigation into the allegations revolving around General Flynn’s contacts with Russian government officials. However, I did not support the Nadler resolution today because it is duplicative of actions already taken by the committee. I believe the intent of this resolution was purely political. Chairmen Goodlatte and Chaffetz have already requested the Justice Department Inspector General to examine the classified leaks about General Flynn. The House Judiciary Committee has also requested a briefing about Russia’s interference in the U.S. election and will explore next steps since the briefing has not yet occurred. I hope this investigation can once and for all put this matter to rest."