This week, I am in Kosovo at Camp Bondsteel visiting with our troops. This base is made up of member units of the US National Guard, including 60 soldiers from Texas. I met with Base Commander General Kay and other key military persons regarding the peace keeping Forces in Kosovo and the role of our US Military here.

Thanks to Texas school children, I was able to deliver several thousand Christmas and holiday cards to troops stationed here in Kosovo who will not be home during the holidays. The cards were not only given to Texas troops, but to the other 1100 American Guardsmen on the base. Over 18,000 handmade cards were made by Texas school children, scout troops, senior citizen groups and other patriots for our military. The remainder of the cards we received have been sent to Afghanistan and Iraq to be delivered to our troops serving there.

The soldiers in Kosovo are very grateful for the cards and thankful for those who thought of them during this special season. Amazing people these Americans overseas and those at home who remembered them. Thanks again to all those that participated in our card drive, you truly made a difference in the lives of our American heroes.

That's just the way it is.