Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) was recently named to the Advisory Board of the Justice for Children child advocacy organization based in Houston, Texas.

I am honored to serve an organization that is dedicated to protecting our greatest resource, our children, said Poe. As a lifelong victims advocate, the first thing I did after being elected to Congress was establish the Victims Rights Caucus to advocate in our nations capitol of behalf of all victims, especially those without a voice. I look forward to the day that organizations such as Justice for Children are not needed. But, the sad reality is they are desperately needed and I commend them for their dedication and service to our community and above all else to our children.

Justice for Children is a national child advocacy organization with headquarters in Houston, Texas. It was founded in 1987 by Randy Burton, a former Chief Prosecutor of the Family Offenses Section of the Harris County District Attorney's office, and a group of concerned citizens within the community in response to the inadequacies and failure of child protective system to protect abused and neglected children.

The purpose of Justice for Children is to provide a full range of advocacy and services for abused and neglected children; that includes legal advocacy, public policy monitoring, guidance through a complex child protective system, professional referrals, mental health services, court watch, research, education, and emotional support. For more information on Justice for Children, please visit their website:

Congressman Poe is the founder and co-chair of the Congressional Victims Rights Caucus and life-long advocate for children, victims and law enforcement. In addition, Poe serves on the Board of Directors for the National Childrens Alliance in Washington, DC and the Childrens Assessment Center in Houston, Texas.