"Yesterday, as Americans went about their daily lives in New York City, a radicalized coward tore down a busy bike route driving a rented flatbed truck, plowing down all those in his path. The noise of bikes crunching and the cries of the injured rang out. The terrorist rushed forward, ramming directly into a school bus, injuring children inside. He fled the scene, sending bystanders into a panicked frenzy until peace officers apprehended the radical Islamic terrorist. Just blocks from the World Trade center, 8 individuals lay dead and at least 13 more were injured.

We must not allow terror to strike fear on American soil. Our full resources must be directed to destroy terrorism. Today, terrorists use social media to recruit, fundraise, spread propaganda and domestically radicalize future supporters. It comes as no surprise that the dastardly terrorist who carried out yesterday’s rampage appears to have meticulously followed attack instructions that terrorist groups like ISIS have publicized online. Meanwhile, the United States does not have a whole of government approach to combatting terrorism on the cyber battlefield. Congress mandated a strategy to do just that, due in March 2017, nearly 8 months ago. I urge this Administration to move quickly on this national security priority to prevent another attack taking innocent American lives again."