WASHINGTON, D.C.- Today, Congressman Ted Poe (R-TX) released the following statement following the recall of Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky. Congressman Poe originally took to the floor of the House of Representatives to condemn Stanford Rapist Brock Turner and the light sentence issued by Judge Aaron Persky. 

“The days of Judge Aaron Persky’s reign of terror over victims of sex crimes are over,” saidCongressman Poe. “Judge Perky’s sentence of a mere six months (of which he only served three) for Stanford Rapist Brock Turner was revolting and is an insult to victims of rape across the United States.  Judge Persky’s continued pattern of leniency towards athletes and special people in cases involving sex crimes only serves to demonstrate his lack of sensitivity toward victims of assault. When sexual assault occurs, the victim is sometimes given a life sentence of mental pain, anguish, and turmoil. Judge Persky seems to believe the equivalent punishment for the offender should be a mere apology.  As a former Judge, I know that the system does not work if those who have the privilege of sitting on the bench abuse their position and fail to ensure that the punishment fits the crime. The people of California have spoken- not one more crime victim will be denied justice at the unjust hands of Aaron Perksy.”

Congressman Ted Poe served 30 years as a former chief felony prosecutor and felony court Judge in Harris County, TX. Currently, Congressman Poe serves on the House Judiciary Committee and is the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee Chairman on Terrorism.