Yesterday I joined my colleagues from the Gulf Coast in a bipartisan call to remove the six month moratorium on deepwater drilling. Each of the 17 members there personally understand the toll the oil spill and the continued ban means to the economy of our states.

Last night the President said that he would do everything he can to help the people of the Gulf Coast, yet he indicated that the ban will remain in effect. This will have devastating and long term effects on our lives.

There is no reason we must halt drilling for six months. Never have we shut down an entire industry for the mistakes of one company. We cannot allow this accident to be the window to implement a political agenda and force the administration's cap and trade legislation on the American people.

Offshore drilling is part of our lives on the Gulf Coast. It is intertwined in all that we do. Folks in Washington are misinformed if they think this will only impact the workers on the rigs.

The United States has the energy resources to meet our needs. It is inaccurate to claim that we have "run out of places to drill." What we have run out of is places we are allowed to drill and if the ban continues we will run out of companies and workers to do it as well.

Its ironic that the comparison to America's technological advancements throughout history to land a man on the moon was used. It appears that this administration has the same plans for offshore drilling as they do for NASA: giving up our future to foreign countries.