Keep on a-comin

Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02)

One of Texas most notable Texas Rangers, Captain W. J. McDonald, was famously quoted as saying, No man in the wrong can stand up against a fellow that's in the right and keeps on a-comin." Those words were spoken nearly a century ago and have evolved into the Ranger creed. There was a time in the Lone Star State when these words rang true. But the recent charges brought against Texas lawmen by the United States government have put that creed to the ultimate test. The conviction of former Edwards County Deputy Sheriff Gilmer Hernandez sent a message to all those outlaws south of our border to keep on a-comin.

Gilmer Hernandez was sentenced to one year and one day in federal prison, three years of supervised probation, a $5,000 fine and has to pay approximately $5,000 in restitution to the injured illegal. Hernandez was convicted in December 2006 for violating the civil rights of an illegal who was injured when the Suburban in which she was being smuggled in attempted to flee a traffic stop made by Hernandez. Deputy Hernandez followed the letter of the law and the incident was investigated and cleared by the Texas Rangers. It was at the arrogant insistence of the Mexican government that the US Attorneys office stepped in and filed charges against him.

Gilmer grew up dreaming of being a Texas Lawman. He worked his way through high school, helped support his family, and achieved his dream of becoming a Deputy Sheriff in his hometown of Rocksprings, Texas. Life was going pretty good for Gilmer, he had his dream job, was engaged to the love of his life, Ashley, and was surrounded by friends and family. But all that came crashing down in minutes when a stolen Suburban driven by a Coyote and loaded with illegals failed to follow the law. Gilmer did his job that night and because of that the US Government made him into the criminal.

Gilmer should not spend one day in prison. Because of lawmen like Gilmer, our country is a safer place. But because of overzealous prosecutors, our government is sabotaging their fight to win the war on our borders. Gilmer Hernandez made $21,000 a year protecting an area the size of Rhode Island. He was not in it to be rich, he was in law enforcement to protect the good folks of Edwards County. His job, his life with Ashley, now his wife, and baby daughter Alektra, was all Gilmer ever wanted. While he sits in prison and misses his daughters first steps, her first words, her first everything, the people that entered our country illegally and broke numerous laws remain free right here in the United States. As a father of four, three of which are daughters, there is no greater punishment than to take a daughter from her daddy.

Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident. This is a pattern established by the US Attorney in the Western District of Texas. This is the same bunch of prosecutors that went after former Border Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. The people we have asked to protect our border are the peace officers. They have sworn an oath; they wear the badge. They are all that stands between us and the lawless. We as a country of laws and justice cannot allow our government to fail them or the outlaws will keep on a-comin.