The Administration has set an arbitrary date of July 31, 2009 to have a new comprehensive reform plan signed into law. The debate in Congress over a plan is really just beginning and we should not be forced to take a hurry-up approach to such an important issue. Its critical to get it right, rather than to just get it done.

The problem with the current plan is that there is no plan. Government-run healthcare is not the answer. I firmly believe the best government is a limited government and this is especially true when it comes to healthcare. If you love the competency of FEMA, the efficiency of the post office and the compassion of the IRS, youre going to love Dr. Uncle Sam.

It is essential that any plan for healthcare must include input from doctors and patients, not bureaucrats. For me, this is non-negotiable. Additional taxes are not the answer. I will not vote for a plan that raises taxes. The current proposal not only would require a tax increase to pay for it, but it will also consider taxing healthcare benefits.

Decisions about our personal care cannot be made by a 25-year-old in a cubicle in Washington. It must be doctor-patient driven. Coverage should be affordable and portable for both the patient and the provider. I want to see small business owners have the option to join together to provide benefits to their employees that they are currently forbidden by law to do.

The Administrations current plan will cost over a trillion dollars and still will not cover a majority of the uninsured. There are currently too many people in the systems that dont contribute to it financially, including the millions of people living here illegally. The Administrations plan will add to this number exponentially. We simply cannot afford this.

People come to the United States, particularly the Texas Medical Center, because despite all of our systems flaws, its still the best care in the world. We cannot move to a system that doesnt allow our elderly care because some bureaucrat decides their quality of life factor doesnt meet the standards. We cannot take the decisions out of the hands of the professionals the doctors. We dont have to look at Europe and Canada for examples of failed government heath care systems. Our own Veterans Affairs system is riddled with far too many bureaucratic disasters to list.

While there are many ideas for reform, one thing is for sure: more government is not the answer.
I have recently sent out an email survey asking, Do you support or oppose the idea of government run healthcare? Over 80% do not support a government run healthcare.

And thats just the way it is.