Play it Again, Uncle Sam

Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02)

This week the Senate began debate on what they call a comprehensive immigration reform compromise. But in reality the new, reformed, inclusive, repackaged, politically motivated Senate immigration proposal is just the second verse to the same old amnesty song and I will not support it.

The Senate Amnesty Bill allows for people living in our country illegally to pay a fee to excuse their crime. This 'government kick back' would be the same as allowing someone who trespasses on your land to pay a fine and continue to live on your land. There are prisons full of people that want in on this deal. As a former judge I have sent hundreds of criminals to the penitentiary and I am sure that anyone of them would have gladly paid a fine, found a job, and promised to be a good person to avoid punishment for breaking the law. I will not support legislation that holds American citizens to a higher standard than those who knowingly and willingly entered our country illegally.

This plan continues to offer a lot of lip service to border security and it is impossible to address any immigration reform without securing our border first. The security highlights of this so-called compromise just repackages current laws we have now that are simply not being enforced. In the 1980s the American public was promised, and Congress passed, legislation that was supposed to beef up the border, reform the troublesome immigration service, and grant amnesty to 3 million people. The result? Our borders are less secure than ever and we now have upwards of 20 million illegals in our country.

Our legal immigration system is in chaos and clearly adding millions more to the broken system will not work. Of course, this is under the assumption that the people living here illegally want to be American citizens and all line up to fork over their fine for the American Dream. Why should they? They get it all right now and there is no real plan to hold them accountable for breaking this law either. Why not just wait out the next amnesty hand-out and see what Uncle Sam brings to the table then.

There is nothing political about the rule of law in our country. It is illegal to come here without the permission of our government no matter what your reasons are. This is a disgraceful message to send to the legal immigrants in our country and those in the process of coming here the right way. Our government can not have two sets of standards for people coming to our country, it is the very basis of discrimination.

Why doesn't the Federal Government enforce the existing law and secure the border? Because the Federal Government doesn't have the moral will to enforce current law and the latest attempt to sweep immigration violations under the rug is proof of that. The American people will not stand for amnesty any way you dress it up, nor will I. Thats just the way it is.