Dear Neighbor,This week the 115th Congress started. With conservative control of both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, I am confident that things will be different. As the President-elect has said, it is time to put America first.This week, I reintroduced two bills to strengthen our border security and force foreign countries to repatriate their citizens who are convicted of crimes here in America.
  1. H.R. 22. The Support More Assets, Resources and Technology on the Border Act, also known as the SMART Border Act. The bill will place 10,000 U.S. National Guard troops along the U.S. Mexico border and transfers used military equipment to eligible Federal, State, and local agencies with a preference toward border security applications. Border patrol and local law enforcement do the best they can with the resources they currently have, but they need more help from the federal government. The federal government must finally act to secure our border. The continued failure to protect the border threatens both the security of our people and the sovereignty of our nation. The SMART Border Act incorporates several common-sense reforms.  
  2. H.R. 241, the Timely Repatriation Act of 2017, which restricts diplomatic visas to countries that deny or unreasonably delay the repatriation of a national ordered removed from the United States. Under current law, when an alien commits a serious crime in the United States (including violent crimes) he or she must be repatriated- sent back to their country of origin. However, in many cases this does not happen because the home countries either delay or refuse to accept and repatriate their nationals who have been issued removal orders. As a result, these convicted foreign criminals are issued get out of jail free cards. This is a dangerous and deadly hole in our immigration system. The Timely Repatriation Act of 2017 solves this by offering a proper incentive to uncooperative nations who freely take our money, and turn around and disrespect our laws. 
Next week, I'll introduce a bill to revoke the passports of anyone who helps a foreign terrorist organization.
It is always an honor to be sworn in to be your Representative, but this year was even more special for me. I am happy to announce that I am in remission from Leukemia. My fight is not yet over, but the progress that has been made in the last six months has been nothing short of miraculous, thanks to the Good Lord, the experts at MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the support and prayers of my family, friends, colleagues, staff and all of you. Since remission does not mean "cancer free", I will continue to receive treatment both in Washington and Houston.  After a challenging six months, I am grateful to be able to be here in Washington doing what I love to do: fighting for Texas.
As the year progresses, Congress has a lot of ground to cover. I can't wait to get started.Swearing in for the 115th Congress accompanied by my son Kurt Poe, daughter-in-law Suzy Poe, grandson Jackson Poe, and Speaker Paul Ryan.

Member of Congress