Dear Neighbor,

I'm writing to give you an update about what's been happening both in Washington and right here at home in Texas's Second Congressional District.

?Roundtable in Montrose:

In Texas last week, I hosted a roundtable with constituents in Montrose where we discussed a number of issues facing the community, including healthcare costs and proposed reforms, multi-modal transit options, the cost of education and immigration. I also met with a number of constituents in my Texas office. To request a meeting, please click here.

With constituents at a recent Montrose roundtable 

?House Passes Legislation to Address  Human Trafficking:

In Washington, the House passed, with my support, three important bipartisan bills aimed at addressing the scourge of human trafficking:

  1. The Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection Act, reauthorizes funding to help prevent human trafficking, protect victims, and prosecute traffickers.

  2. The Enhancing Detection of Human Trafficking Act, ensures that the Department of Labor can effectively train its employees to spot labor trafficking and respond quickly and effectively when cases are detected.
  3. The Empowering Law Enforcement to Fight Sex Trafficking Demand Act, allows law enforcement agencies to quality for Department of Justice grants to help develop and implement sex trafficking programs.

?Chaired Hearing to Hold Saudi Arabia Accountable for its Terrorist-Inspiring Textbooks:

This week, I chaired a hearing in the Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade on Saudi Arabia's troubling educational curriculum. The battle against terrorism is not just won on the physical battlefield, it must also be won in the battlefield of ideas. Saudi Arabia is a critical ally in the fight against terrorism, but its educational curriculum - which is included in textbooks that it ships around the world - has inspired the very ideology that is at the root of many terrorist organizations, such as ISIS and al-Qaeda. Saudi Arabia has promised to reform its curriculum by 2008. But, it's been almost a decade since then. It's time for the State Department to hold Saudi Arabia accountable. We will continue to conduct oversight of the State Department's handling of this important national security issue.

Presiding over a Terrorism Subcommittee hearing on Saudi Arabia's troubling educational curriculum

?Community Briefing for North Hollow Residents:

Last night, I hosted a community briefing with the City of Humble and Houston Airport System regarding ongoing issues with noise mitigation efforts for the residents of North Hollow. Neighbors received a detailed timeline of the proposed remedies and asked detailed questions related to mitigation efforts. If you would like to stay up-to-date on this issue, please email

With summer in full swing, it's been wonderful to see so many TX-2 constituents who have traveled to Washington and joined members of my staff for tours of the U.S. Capitol.


As always, please keep in touch and let me know what issues are most important to you and your family.



Member of Congress