By: The Observer

On Monday, October 26 high school seniors had an opportunity to visit with U.S. House of Representative, Ted Poe on his six annual visit to Hargrave High.

Poespoke about how important it is to participate in the process. “Most Americans they aren’t in that game, they aren’t in any game, especially the political game. There in the stands eating their hotdogs drinking their Bud-Lite criticizing the people on the field of play, that’s what Americans do.”

“You will never make a difference up their in the stands, you will make a difference down their on the field of play.”

The students participated in an informal poll by raising green and red cards in response to questions ranging from U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq and whether the federal government has a right to know who individuals are calling as well as other political issues. Then the students had a chance to ask the congressman a few questions.

One student asked about Bengazi. Another student asked about Poe’s opinion on President Obama and finally a student asked “what do you drive in D.C.” to which the congressman responded with a story about how when President George W. Bush was in office he would visit the White House on a regular basis in his Jeep Rangler and how one day President Bush commented about how Poe’s jeep left oil stains on the White House driveway.

Poecommented about the value of these visits with young people. “We have the best form of government in the history of humanity and it is important that I meet with young people who live here. I represent them.” The visits provide an opportunity for the congressman to get information from the students and for the students to get information from him about the country.

“I love coming to schools, high schools, elementary schools, colleges. Seeing young people , their enthusiasm, their energy and how they appreciate our country. Hopefully we will get more of them involved in politics.”

Congressman Poewas impressed with how well informed the seniors were with what is going on in the country. “The seniors at this school are always well informed.”

Hargrave principal Shirley Hitt said “we are always excited to have Congressman Poe out here. It is a great opportunity for our students to hear from someone who is real in Washington and to be able to put everything they hear in class to a face as well as the opportunity he gives them to ask questions. The interaction he has with them is priceless.”

Following the Q & A session Hargrave ROTC Battalion Commander Amanda LeCaur presented Poe with a box filled with Christmas cards for the Cards for Soldiers program. Hitt said that

each year they participate in the Card for Soldiers. “We wanted to take the opportunity while he was here to present the Cards for Soldiers.”

For the past three weeks the entire school had been working on the Cards for Soldiers project. The entire student body was encouraged to make at least one Christmas card for a soldier. “The kids are very proud and honored to be able to send Christmas cards to our soldiers,” Hitt said.

Amanda LeCaur said of the Poe visit that “he came and talked to us and informed us about what is going on in Congress. It made me feel better about who was represented us because we share many if the same opinions.” Amanda has already enlisted in the U.S. Army.