by Isiah Carey, My FOX Houston 

Washington, Feb 22, 2010 -

HOUSTON - Billions are generated in this body of water, and thousands also earn their living in that same location - the Port of Houston.

It's an international operation these congressional leaders say they've given another financial boost with the economic stimulus plan.

The Port of Houston is not the only entity in Texas to benefit from the recovery act. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was in town to tout the success of the recovery act.

"It created jobs here and for the state of Texas and for our country really," she says.

According to the numbers provided, Texas received $12 billion overall: the Port - $98 million; the city of Houston $130 million; the Houston Independent School District $197 million; and the Harris County Hospital District pocketed $155 million.

Leaders say that translates into thousands of jobs.

But republicans in the Texas delegation like Congressman Ted Poe say the money spent on the recovery act was a waste.

"The philosophy we can spend our way into success with money we don't have is false," Poe says.

Poe's solution - an approach that's popular among republicans attempted by former president George Bush during his administration.

"What we ought to do is step back and not spend money we out to cut taxes so that businesses have more of their own money to hire people," he says.

Pelosi fired back - calling republicans hypocrites who criticize then reap the benefits.

"It hasn't deterred others of their party to go around at ribbon cuttings, groundbreakings, holding giant checks for the kind of resources coming into their communities," Pelosi says.

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