By Houston Chronicle

Last month, the White House announced that military tuition assistance program would be cut because of the sequester.

The program provides active-duty personnel with funding for college classes. Last year, the government spent $524 million on the program.

Speaking on the house floor Monday, Rep. Ted Poe said that if funding for military education is not reinstated, he will propose legislation to withhold foreign aid to Pakistan instead.

ìWhy are we funding education programs for our Benedict Arnold ally when we canít fund ó or donít fund ó the education for our military? And to Pakistan of all places, where hatred for America is at its highest. Washington should watch its spending and prioritize,î Poe said.

According to Fox News, in 2012 the United States spent $12.7 million on higher education and $47.2 million on education and social services in Pakistan. The grand total of non-defense foreign aid sent to Pakistan was $370 million.

Poe said that since the sequester, the administration has approved $37 million in foreign aid to Pakistan.

There has been widespread negative reaction to the cuts from both sides of the aisle. Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., and Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C. proposed legislation last week that would require the programs receive funding. In just one week, over 100,000 Constituents have signed a petition on asking President Obama to reinstate the program, and the president will reply to their request in 30 days.