By: Houston Chronicle

Texas Rep. Ted Poe was among the members of the House of Representatives who voted in favor of the Keep Your Health Plan Act, which passed along party lines Friday with a vote of 261-157.

If passed by the Senate, the bill will allow current individual healthcare market plans to continue to be offered in 2014.

“The President cannot pick and choose which parts of laws to enforce,” Poe said in a statement on Friday. “It takes an act of Congress to change the law. That is why the House has acted today.”

Poereferred to the the conference President Obama held Thursday, during which he addressed the problems related to the HealthCare.Gov website and to the Americans who received letters stating that their health insurance plan is canceled,  despite previously stating that if Americans like their current plans, they will be able to keep them.

During Thursday’s conference, Obama accepted the blame for the faulty launch of the the Affordable Care Act, and offered to extend the grandfather clause that would allow people to keep their insurance plans that were either changed or bought since the law took effect.

The President’s offerings to make changes on the new healthcare law was not accepted by Poe.

‘Today was my 46th vote to repeal or dismantle Obamacare and I remain opposed to this unworkable, unaffordable law,” Poe said.

The bill was originally introduced in October.