Mr. Speaker, the auctioneer shouted: ‘‘Does anybody want to buy a worker? Here is a worker, a big strong man. He will dig. ‘‘What is the bid? What is the bid? ‘‘Sold to the highest bid of $400.’’

Mr. Speaker, West Africans go to Libya thinking that they will get a job in Europe but, instead, are sold in Libya to labor and sex traffickers. These Africans simply seek a new life, free from terrorism, persecution, and famine; however, they become victims of modern-day slavery.

In the years following the United States’ overthrow of the Libyan Government, the nation became a failed state. Sinking further into despair, the failed state became a brothel of slavery: human sex and labor trafficking.

People are bound to the slave block and sold at the marketplace of sex slavery and labor trafficking. Mr. Speaker, slavery is a crime against humanity, and the United States must exercise caution when toppling regimes without understanding the long-term consequences like human slavery.

And that is just the way it is.