Mr. Speaker, Judge Lisa Bloch Rodwin has dedicated her life defending individuals and families. Her extensive record in public policy on abuse, neglect, juvenile justice, custody and family violence has earned her national recognition.

Lisa’s unwavering support for victims is unparalleled and I am proud to honor her today. During Lisa’s storied career, she has worked with the Erie County District Attorney’s office, served as Chief of the Domestic Violence Unit, and was most recently appointed by the New York State Governor as an Erie County Family Court Judge.

She was unanimously confirmed by the New York Senate and was elected to a full term in 2008. Lisa is just one of a few select judges chosen to serve on the New York State Family Court Advisory and Rules Committee, which is responsible for drafting and reviewing legislation on Family Law. She has also been appointed to the NYS Advisory Council on Immigration Issues in Family Court.

Before being appointed to the bench, Lisa was the founder of the New York State’s first Domestic Violence Bureau outside New York City. She was responsible for the prosecution of more than 4,000 family and child abuse cases. Lisa helped develop protocols for the investigation and prosecution of domestic violence crimes for local police agencies and developed interview and investigation policies for child abuse investigations at the Child Advocacy Center in Buffalo. Lisa’s commitment to providing resources, services and protections for victims is unmatched.

She has received numerous awards and acknowledgments for her efforts and there is no doubt she deserves every bit of that recognition. Lisa continues to stand up for what is right and her efforts to promote respect and services for crime victims will no doubt stand the test of time.

Each year the Congressional Victims’ Rights Caucus honors outstanding individuals and organizations for their tireless efforts supporting and empowering survivors of crime. Co-chaired and co-founded by JIM COSTA (D–CA) and myself, the bipartisan caucus advocates for crime victims and protects programs that provide critical support for related services.

I am proud to announce Judge Lisa Bloch Rodwin as the recipient of the Congressional Victims’ Rights Caucus Lois Haight Award of Excellence and Innovation. The Lois Haight award pays tribute to California Judge Lois Haight who, as an appointee of President Ronald Reagan and Chair of his 1982 President’s Task Force on Victims of Crime, led pioneering efforts on behalf of crime victims that resulted in significant public policy advances to promote crime victims’ rights and services. Judge Lisa Bloch Rodwin’s efforts have had a significant impact on local, state, and national public policy development and implementation that promote dignity, respect, rights and services for victims of crime.

And that’s just the way it is.