Mr. Speaker, on this day 2 years ago, United States soldiers found the king of tyranny, Saddam Hussein, hiding in a hole like a rat near Tikrit, Iraq. His trial recently started, and it is more public than some American trials because it is carried on international television. He pontificates about how he is unjustly treated. He tries to portray himself as an honorable person. This is the same dreadful demon dictator that tortured and murdered his own citizens and caused years of chaos and calamity in his own country.

Witnesses in the trial have described rapes, beatings, and electric shock torture carried out by his relentless regime. But the news stories focus on his outrageous court behavior instead of his years of vicious violence and mayhem. The people of the world deserve a record of his atrocities, not the senseless stories of his bad courtroom attitude, his disruptions, and his disrespectful and disgraceful demeanor. The caged rodent known as Saddam Hussein can protest all he wants, but even the likes of him now receives a fair trial. Justice will soon be served, and he will be punished like the rat that he is. We call this justice system democracy.

That's just the way it is.