Mr. Chairman, I thank Mr. SCHNEIDER for bringing this amendment. I am glad to be a cosponsor of the amendment. Mr. Chair, the Iranians are a serious threat to the world, to international security. Iran’s foreign policy is very clear.

The Ayatollah has said it numerous times and continues to say that the foreign policy of Iran is: First, destroy Israel; second, destroy the United States. They have never wavered on this goal, and they are doing everything they can militarily to eventually try to reach those two goals.

But the greatest victims of the mullah’s regime in Tehran are the people of Iran. They have been held hostage by the Supreme Leader who obviously cares more about ballistic missiles and international terrorism than taking care of the livelihood of the people who live under this regime.

The regime has become a notorious international leader in suppression, execution, torture, and inhumanity. The world knows about what is taking place in Iran, and the good people of Iran have no political space for expression or dissent. If they decide to dissent from the actions of the Ayatollah, well, it is off to jail or they are hung in the public square.

We saw what the regime did to the protesters of the Green Movement in 2009. Despite what some people still try to say, the current government is not seeking any sort of moderation. Over 3,000 executions have taken place under the regime’s so-called President Rouhani. Scores of human rights defenders and political activists are still in prison or under House arrest, and they haven’t been charged with anything and, of course, they haven’t been tried.

The United States needs to prioritize elevating the voices of the Iranian people who are persecuted under oppression by this regime. These Iranians really represent the best of the Iranian civilization, and they are going to be the future of Iran. We should take note of what is happening to them. It should be the U.S. foreign policy to focus significant attention on the serious human rights violations taking place in Iran. I am happy to support and join Mr. SCHNEIDER in this amendment which will require the Treasury Department to issue recommendations as to how we can better prevent the mullahs from continuing the violent assault on human rights of the Iranian people.

The United States must be at the forefront of this battle for human rights and decency for the Iranian people. We must call out the Ayatollah and the mullahs for what they are doing. They are persecuting, violating human rights of the Iranian people. The Iranian regime is the number one state sponsor of world terror, and it also rains down terror on its own people. We need to put the squeeze on them even if it hurts their little feelings.