Mr. Speaker, the government-run universal health care bill forces businesses and citizens to buy the government-approved insurance whether they want to or not, and whether they can afford it or not. This is a totalitarian concept.

The Constitution does not give this oppressive power to the Federal Government. Nowhere in this document does government have the power to force citizens to buy anything. And further, if a citizen or business doesn't purchase the insurance, a criminal fine masquerading as a tax is imposed without benefit of a jury trial or legal representation. If the citizen cannot afford the fine, do they go to jail without constitutional protections?

This bill is an affront to individual liberty. It denies the citizen of life, liberty and property, and violates due process of law under the fifth amendment.

The false analogy that citizens must buy car insurance is not applicable. Driving is a privilege and an option regulated by the States. No one is forced to own or drive a car. Here everyone is forced to buy insurance or face a criminal penalty.

Somewhere in this debate we ought to be concerned with the Federal Government bruising the Constitution.

And that's just the way it is.