Thank you for yielding, Judge Gohmert. You know, we approach what we consider the most important of all days for our Republic, and that's Independence Day.

And this legislation that unfortunately passed tonight has not made us more independent, but it has made us more dependent. As a Nation, we are more dependent upon, now, government control of every aspect of our lives, our personal lives, our business lives.

When the government starts telling you what type of electricity you can have in your home, when the government starts telling you that you have to pass an energy efficiency before you can sell your home, maybe we have gone too far in the government controlling our lives. But that's just a smidge of what has occurred in the passing of this legislation.

I am not sure what the goal of the legislation was. We heard different things. One was that it's going to create more jobs for Americans. Well, that's just not going to happen. All the sane studies show that that's not going to occur in the United States.

There will be government programs, which means subsidies paid by taxpayers to go to, quote, green jobs. Those are programs, and they will be created, subsidized by the taxpayers, to move us in a direction of the green environment, which I will say just a little bit more about in a minute.

But one group that has not been mentioned today in the House debate that talked about jobs, the National Black Chamber of Commerce said this legislation will cost 2.5 million jobs almost immediately. Well, that's a lot of Americans being put out of work when we are already having Americans losing their jobs.

We do have an example of a country that has tried this legislation. Although they didn't sign this one, it's one very similar. Spain has had this so-called idea of trying to control carbon emissions in their country for several years, and they have created jobs, but they have lost jobs. For every green job that they have created, by their own statistics, two other jobs have been lost.

Now, I am not a CPA like Mr. Conaway is, but it would seem to me the more green jobs you create, the more jobs you are going to lose.

And that's what Spain has done, and now they are trying to get out from under their own legislation that has cramped their economy because they are losing jobs by moving to this so-called green job economy. So we are losing American jobs overseas for a lot of reasons already, and a lot of it is because of the high cost of energy. Now we are going to have energy cost increase. So first idea, a goal to create American jobs, that's just fiction.

The second thing is that this is supposed to be a bill to save the planet. You know, humans are bad and that we are creating all this gas that we need to control, and it's all because of energy. And so if we have this legislation that passed, we are going to save the planet.

Up until a few months ago, we heard from those people. That was called global warming. But since global warming is not occurring, it is now changed to climate change. We changed the title, because global warming does not appear to be what those who claim it to be is occurring here.

Now we hear from the Congressional Budget Office, when they testified before the Senate several weeks ago, that the effect of this legislation will have little or no effect on climate change.

Now, the first goal, create jobs, is a fiction. The second goal, to control the climate from bad humans, is not going to have any effect because of this legislation. And the third thing about this legislation is it costs too much; we can't afford it. We can't afford it even if it did create jobs or save the planet. But the billions of dollars in that 1,200 pages you have in front of you there, Judge Gohmert, that's going to cost Americans. It's not going to result in what we were all promised. So those are two items that I see as a major problem.

And another problem that I think is very paramount is the fact that we're going to turn our lives, our businesses over to government control. The government is going to control all energy in this country and it's going to tax it all. You turn on these lights here in the Capitol--of course this is the government, they don't have to pay their bills--but if you turn them on at home, the cost of electricity is going to go up. If you use natural gas, a hot water heater, that's going to go up. You drive down the street using gasoline, that's made from crude oil, that's going to go up. Because everything that uses energy--which is everything--will cost Americans more. The energy companies, the ones that stay in America, they will pass that tax on to consumers, and the consumers pay because the consumers always pay.

But the hardest hit group is going to be, as Mr. Souder from Indiana said, the small manufacturing plants in the United States. They have to use energy to produce their products. Whether it's a paper mill in east Texas or whether it's a van up in Indiana or whether it's a small steel mill in my district, they have to use some form of energy to produce the product.

Now, the cost of that energy is going to go up so high they cannot produce the product and sell it. Because, you see, over in China, they're producing the same product and can ship it to the United States cheaper because they're not bound by all of these energy regulations and are not taxed for use of energy as American manufacturing companies will be. And that's a sad thing because it has always been the small business--and really the small manufacturing companies--that's been the heart and soul of the American economy.

You know, there was a time when you could go into a Wal-Mart--you've got them in your district, I don't know if Mr. Conaway has them in his, but we have a lot of Wal-Marts--but you could go into a Wal-Mart and they had a big sign that said ``Made in America.'' They claimed that everything they sold in that Wal-Mart was made in America. Well, that sign isn't up anymore; it hasn't been up in years because I don't think they make anything in America that they sell at Wal-Mart. It irks me to no end. This time of year, you go into a Wal-Mart and you want to buy a flag, just like that one behind the Speaker, and it's made in China. We can't even make our own flags because manufacturing in this country is being killed by the cost of doing business. And that bill in front of you, Judge Gohmert, is not going to help that at all. It's going to just make the situation worse.

The last thing that bill does not do is create more energy. It taxes energy. It does not provide for more energy for Americans. Nuclear energy, I mean, even France, 80 percent of its energy comes from nuclear energy. And it can be done and created in a clean and safe way. We don't have any more nuclear plants in this country because of the fear tactics that have been placed upon the thoughts, so we don't use nuclear energy.

So we're not doing anything. We're not drilling offshore even for natural gas. Natural gas is supposed to be the product that we go from this one environment to this beautiful environment. Of course, we can't get there from here. And now the other side that voted for this bill says, well, we need natural gas to bridge that gap because it's clean. Well, they don't allow drilling. You can't drill anymore. You can't drill offshore. You can't drill anywhere that there is natural gas. So how are we supposed to have energy to get to the clean energy if we cannot, as a Nation, even drill for natural gas?

So there's no nuclear, no natural gas, and of course we can't use clean coal. We don't want to use any more of that nasty old crude oil, even though crude oil and its byproducts is in everything Americans use, from plastics to our radios to our cell phones. It's in everything. And it's a derivative of some product of crude oil. We are always going to need crude oil to build the products that we have in this country. You can't build them all from biodiesels.

And so the bill does not do what it's supposed to do. It doesn't create jobs, it doesn't help the climate, it doesn't give us a new alternative for energy until we get to this supposed clean energy. And of course I think the worst thing is it takes control of Americans and their independence and makes us slaves to the Federal Government and the Federal bureaucrats to run our lives every day.