Madam Speaker, recently we've learned that the NSA, what I call the ``National Surveillance Agency,'' seized millions of phone records of Americans to try to find a few bad guys. Overreaching and unconstitutional, in my opinion, it violates the right of privacy.

FBI Director Mueller has now confirmed what many of us already believe, that the FBI has used drones domestically to peep on Americans. Who are they spying on? Do they have probable cause? Do they have a warrant from a judge? We don't know.

Madam Speaker, by 2030, there will be 30,000 drones cruising, filming, looking, spying, snooping, and hovering over America's sky. Congress needs to regulate drone use to protect the right of privacy and ensure the Fourth Amendment is actually protected.

Congresswoman Lofgren and I have filed the Preserving American Privacy Act (PAPA) to make government snoops and private entities follow the Constitution in the use of drones. We must regulate lawful and unlawful drone use because drone laws are needed to keep the peeping tomcrats out of our business.

And that's just the way it is.