Madam Speaker, last week I was with our resilient troops in Afghanistan near the violent southern border with Pakistan. Part of their mission is to secure the border, by preventing drugs, arms, money, and Taliban criminals from crossing back and forth through the vast border regions.

Our troops are using every means available to protect the Afghanistan sovereignty from the free flow of criminal conduct.

It is in Americas interest to have our military in Afghanistan.

It is ironic, however, we see the need to protect the borders of other nations but because of political reasons, we dont have the moral will to protect our own borders.

This is not the first administration that has given a wink and a nod to our porous borders, but it should be the last.

Our southern border region is a haven for organized criminal drug cartels, gun smugglers, human smugglers, and rogue outlaws that cross as freely as they did in the days of the old west.

We should be as concerned about protecting our own border as we are about protecting the borders of 3rd world countries like Afghanistan.

After all, the first duty of government is protection of our own homeland.

And thats just the way it is.