Mr. Speaker, once again democracy has trumped anarchy, chaos, and terror. The Iraqis, 61 percent mind you, went out and voted for a new constitution. The Kurds, the Sunnis, and Shiites have formed a new democracy in Iraq. Those cynics, even those in this House who say the Iraqis are not competent to have a republic, have once again been proven to be the ignorant.

I was in Iraq this January and witnessed these proud people yearning to be free. The United States presence in Iraq is serving two purposes: we are fighting and winning the war on terror, and we have helped to establish a democracy, a free nation in that land far, far away.

Even though there are those who have the French mindset and want us to cut and run, we will not do so. We will not run from duty and democracy. When our noble cause is completed and the terrorists are on the run, and when the Iraqis can protect their own nation, our troops will return to these shores.

To those pacifists that cry, Peace, peace, at any price peace, there can be no peace as long as there is some American somewhere dying for the rest of us. That is just the way it is.