WASHINGTON, September 26 -


Mr. Speaker,

The President says he will negotiate with Syria over chemical weapons. He is negotiating with the Russian about negotiating with the Syrians over nuclear weapons. He has offered to talk and compromise with Iran over nuclear weapons – but the President it seems says, I will not negotiate with those in the House of Representatives. No compromise on the debt. I will not negotiate with America.

Too bad the President is more interested with negotiation and compromise with Russia, Syria, Iran, and now the United Nations than he is in working with members of the House of Representatives and the American people to keep the government from shutting down.

It has been mentioned today of this philosophy of “my way or the highway.” Well, that’s the President’s philosophy. It’s my way, says the President, or it’s the highway.

He won’t talk to us about it because he is out campaigning about how Obamacare is really good for the Nation. He is driving the train wreck of stubbornness which will lead, and has led, to chaos in America.

Come home, Mr. President. Let’s sit down and talk and negotiate about what we are going to do over the debt limit and the continuing resolution.

And that’s just the way it is.