Madam Speaker, the United States broke away from our mother country over 200 years ago. The decision to throw off our royal rulers looks even better today. England has government-run health care, and it's dangerous to one's health.

Recently, the London Daily Mail reported the story of Kane Gorny: Kane was a 22-year-old man who had hip replacement surgery under England's government-run health care system. Afterwards, reports say he was neglected by hospital staff. He was not even given his medications. Kane was immobile. He couldn't even get a drink of water on his own. So Kane called the police and begged them to bring him some water. When the police showed up, they were turned away by hospital staff, who said Kane was a problem patient.

The next day, Kane died of thirst in that government-run hospital in London. The police are investigating.

Madam Speaker, importing government-run health care into America would be unhealthy for everybody. Just ask the family of Kane Gorny, who died of dehydration in that British-run hospital.

And that's just the way it is.